How To Choose The Right DTH Plan As Per Your Need



How To Choose The Right DTH Plan As Per Your Need

After the new DTH TV guidelines from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), now you are required to choose your TV channel preferences on your respective DTH service provider. All DTH operators like Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, and Dish TV have announced both their channel packs and pricing for individual channels. The Dish TV operator hasn’t troubled customers for the channel selection and they pre-selected your channel package for now as per your old plan that you had picked.

Users who are not happy with their channel selection, the Dish TV lets them choose their base pack and add on combos. The new policy came into effect starting February 1 and consumers have been benefited after these new guidelines as they can pay for the channels they want to watch now. TRAI has also launched a Channel Selector app where you can know the price of your TV based on the channels you choose. You can pick channel packs through three different ways

1) you can call DTH TV customer care,

2) use the app of cable service companies  

3) visit their website and choose your pack or channels from there using your login credentials like subscriber ID OR Mobile Number.

Number of Channels

DTH service operators can try to lure consumers by advertising plenty of channels. But you must consider a few vital points like which channels are free and how often does the service provider add new channels? 2) How many regional channels are included in their advertised number and are you interested in watching all of them? 3) How many interactive and HD channels are available in the mix? We just want to say here that the total number of channels on offer matters little if the channels you want to watch are not available.

DTH Package Plans

Some DTH and cable service providers offer ‘a-la-carte” or cherry-picking’ selection of channels, but channel packages still provide a good deal monthly basis. Consider points like which package offers the channels that are appropriate for you? 2) How much extra money will you have to pay for packages for such channels? How easily and how often can you switch between plans? Will a new channel automatically get added to your existing package if it is added? Remember basic packages do not include channels like sports, movies, lifestyle, and HD, you will need to pay extra money for these channels monthly.

Keep Adding Your  Packs

You’ll get to see DTH Combo packs, Bouquets and Add-Ons Channels based on your Dish TV selection of North and South. Additionally, you can keep adding them to your cart as per your preference. Those who have an existing long-term plan like 3-months, 6-months or 1 year must consider holding on to that plan. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has mandated DTH service companies to honor existing plans, thus stick on to that “IF” you find the new custom DTH plan to be pricier.

Keep in mind that pick only the channels you want wisely and don’t choose something you hardly watch. DTH operators are trying to oversell by grouping channels in a bouquet. Even if the bouquets are better priced, users might end up paying for channels they never watch. Remember HD channels are greatly priced. So, be doubly sure you watch that HD channel when you add it. Also, every channel will add 18% GST over its MRP now.

Installation charges must be clarified at the time of purchasing a DTH connection. Consider points like is the cable operator charging extra money for installation after purchase? What the turnaround time after a DTH installation request has been made? Also, does the installation cover the cost of coax cable and clips? If not, then how much will you have to pay per meter of cable?

If you have subscribed to OTT services such as Hotstar, Sony, Voot LIV or any other, then you must consider not subscribing to respective channels. For example- many DTH users are not being subscribed to any movie channels because they now have Netflix or Prime Video. So, choose wisely.

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